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Anacardium excelsum

Wild Cashew, Espavel

Distribution: Costa Rica south through Panama to Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador. Frequently found in coastal areas on well-drained soils.  Almost pure stands report in the Darien Province of Panama.

The Tree:  Commonly attains diameters of 3 to 5 ft, total height frequently ranges from 75 to 150 ft.  Forest-grown trees often have clear boles 30 to 60 ft.  Some basal swelling but no well- developed buttress.

The Wood:

General Characteristics: Heartwood on exposure becomes a fairly uniform russet brown with a golden or reddish cast; sapwood is 6 to 10 in.  thick, grayish white with more or less pinkish tinge, sharply demarcated from heartwood.  Wood has a fairly high luster and is attractively marked by prominent vessel lines; medium to coarse textured and typically has an interlocked grain with a pronounced stripe.  Distinctive odor and taste are lacking.


Plant Characteristics

Dimensions at Maturity
  • Height: 75 to 150 M

Additional Information




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