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Andira inermi

River Almond, Roast Beef Tree , Almendro de Rio, carne asada

This native tree is a slow grower found near river and streams. Its yellowish dark wood is durable and used for a variety of heavy duty construction purposes but also used in fine furniture. The dark gray trunk discards its plates which exposes a red color, which is why it is referred to sometimes as the roast beef tree. 

Plant Characteristics

Dimensions at Maturity
  • Height: 15 to 30 M

This growth pattern of the leave do something attractive l called the " flush phenomenon" . New leaf growth happens with light green to reddish leaves arriving mixing in with the pre-existing dark leaves. 

The fruit has the appearance of an olive which turns very hard and dark brown to black when it matures. Bats, parakeets, and some rodents eat the fruits. 

Small pink flowers grow in clusters from 10-30 cm long. Bees , butterflies, and certain birds are attracted to the nectar. 

Bloom Cycle
The tree  blooms for about a month with the individual flowers lasting only one day. 

Additional Information


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Fruit, seeds, and bark are toxic to humans and animals.

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