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Phoenix sylvestris

Phoenix palm, Fenix palm , Palmera fenix

Phoenix sylvestris (sylvestris - Latin, of the forest) also known as Silver Date Palm or Sugar Date Palm, is a species of flowering plant in the palmfamily native to southern Pakistan, most of IndiaSri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Growing in plains and scrubland to 1300 m, the fruit from this palm species is used to make wine and jelly. The sap is tapped and drunk fresh or fermented into toddy. The fresh sap is boiled to make palm jaggery in West Bengal state of India and Bangladesh.

 The leaves may be used for making mats, bags etc. The tree is tapped to make a toddy or palm wine.

P. sylvestris ranges from 4 to 15 m in height and 40 cm in diameter; not as large as the Canary Island Date Palm, but nearly so, and resembling it. The leaves are 3 m long, gently recurved, on 1 m petioles with acanthophylls near the base. The leaf crown grows to 10 m wide and 7.5 to 10 m tall containing up to 100 leaves. The inflorescence grows to 1 metre with white, unisexual flowers forming to a large, pendent infructescence. The single-seeded fruit ripens to a purple-red colour.[1]

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