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Citrus sinensis ortanique

Ortanique , Naranja Ortanique

Ortanique is reported to have been found on Jamaica around 1920. Because of the presence of wild orange and so-called tangerine trees (local mandarins) in the vicinity of the original tree and the distinctive features of the fruit, it was considered to be a natural tangor, and was given the name Ortanique. The name was a synthesis coined from or(ange), tan(gerine), and (un)ique or jama(ique). Ortanique is an orange × mandarin hybrid that is cultivated in many countries: Spain, Morocco, Cyprus and South Africa among them. Each country has given its own name to the fruit. In Israel it is called Or and Topaz, in Cyprus it is Mandora and in South Africa Tambor and Orri. Other names of this same hybrid are: ArtounikAustraliqueMandor,OrantaniqueOrmandaOrtalineUrulineUrunique and Villa late. No matter what the name is Ortanique is one of the premium marmalade mandarins. Be sure to include the peel as well.


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