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Veitchia merrillii

Christmas palm, Manila palm , Palma Navideña

 It is commonly known as the "Christmas Palm" because its fruits become bright scarlet and tend to be that color in winter. This palm is typically fairly small and slender, normally attaining 15–25 feet in height. This is an attractive palm and because of its shape and size can be an interesting addition to even a small garden.  

Plant Characteristics

Dimensions at Maturity
  • Height: 15 to 20 ft


Leaves pinnate, 1.7-2 m long, arched, with 50 pairs of leaflets 70-80 cm long, apex obliquely cut and toothed.

Forming multiple planes relative to rachis.


Oblong fruit about 2 cm in diameter, reddish.

The berries are a nice contrast to the white inflorescences

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